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E-learning Development and Consultancy

Interactive Developers Ltd

Are you thinking about e-learning or an online demonstration but are not sure how to go about it?

Do you need support or some unbiased advice about online learning, SCORM or Accessibility?

Or do you know what you want but need professional support to design, program and develop it?

Perhaps Interactive Developers can help!

Interactive Developers Ltd

What we do

Interactive Developers Ltd specialises in producing and supporting the design and development of bespoke eLearning, online and distance learning solutions for businesses, education and other training and development companies.

We provide for the development of e-learning, CD-ROM and other distance learning materials.:

  • programming support in Flash; (ActionScript 1,2,3),  HTML/JavaScript and older development tools
  • rapid development in Adobe Captivate; help files, demonstrations or prototypes
  • learning object interoperability with SCORM
  • instructional design
  • project management

How we help

We work directly with major businesses and educational institutes, indirectly through other training and development companies, or in collaboration with other like-minded companies and individuals as a consortium. We are flexible, productive and reassuringly reliable.

For businesses we help develop training and elearning materials. These could be used to play a fundamental role in the cost-effective implementation and management of change, in the introduction of new products, services and business processes in response to competitive challenges, and in business process review and appraisal.

For schools and colleges we understand the wide range of considerations required to fulfil the needs of the modern education system. This typically involves the development of inclusive, accessible, interoperable materials that are both engaging and effective to a wide community of learners. Our aim is to help learners develop skills at a pace that suits them best.

About Interactive Developers

In 1995 Interactive Developers Ltd started up as one of the earliest developers of e-learning materials to supplement the more traditional approaches of CBT, CD-ROM, video-disk and network delivery.Over more than a decade we have worked in the fields of banking and credit, aviation, business skills, and school and college eduction. We have developed materials for leading UK and international organisations both in the UK and USA, as well as for government linked institutions such as UfI Learndirect (indirectly through other training companies), and Becta NLN (directly and indrectly), and for community projects. We were one of the first companies in the UK to develop content based on the IMS and SCORM interoperability models and since 2000 we have continued to develop and advise on interoperable and accessible e-learning materials both in the UK and internationally.


We are a small family run company that aims to provide a high quality service tailored to suit the needs of both the learners and their providers. We have experienced many unique approaches and methodologies used by a wide range of customers, so we can quickly adapt to your way of doing things. All materials are thoroughly tested by processes agreed with you before being handed over.


We are used to working under tight deadlines and adopt good working practices based on Prince 2, ISO 9000 and a strong methodical approach. We understand that things change so we provide a solid yet flexible approach to all projects.

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  • Programming 70%
  • Development 90%
  • SCORM 30%
  • Consultancy 70%
  • Instructional Design 45%

Years of e-learning development experience

Organisations we’ve worked with



Bourne Training


Skill Change

Toyota (Belgium)

Spikes Cavell

Catalysts for Development & Learning

Key Productivity Ltd

Xebec McGraw-Hil


International Baccalaureate

PLATO Learning

Oxford University Press

Becta (NLN)

Cambridge University Press

ETS (Europe)

Houghton Miffin Harcourt

Ufi (Learndirect)

Learning and Skills Council




Malasia Airlines

Lan Chile



Financial Services

Barclays Bank/IBM

Bank of Ireland

Bank of Scotland

Bank of England

CCN (now Experian)

Lombard Tricity Finance

NCM Credit Insurance

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